Sports T-Shirt

Sports T-Shirt

Sports printing, 3d embroidery, or screen-printing on T-shirts is another specialty of us. This makes our company prominent in the world of the T-shirt market because of the quality provided by us is indeed excellent and stands on its own. As a leading sports t shirt supplier, we supply printed sports t shirt, jersey and uniforms in Qatar.

Moreover, sublimation t shirts printing, as well as 3D printing, is something the company is proud to promote as the main service. Dyes, threads, and other materials used in the manufacturing process are of the highest quality which makes the company progressive in achieving all goals and milestones.

What do we provide?

Following are the items that we provide:
• Jerseys for basketball and football
• Uniforms for cricket and other sports
• Sports kits – golf kits, cricket kits, and etc.

Sports T Shirt Supplier
T-shirt supplier

T-shirts which we manufacture are supplied in Qatar which is why we are known for best T-shirt suppliers in the Region. T-shirts which we make or produce are mostly plain T-shirts and are sold in wholesale. These shirts are produced both locally and internationally and delivered all over Qatar.

How do we print on sports items?

Mostly, when our clients ask about the printing process we tell them that it is done through a deep yet secure method on jerseys. Procedure is such which does not bleed color on the fabric. Also, it is about size and design. So, we make sure that our designated sublimation printers do their best on shirts. For that, we print a design on paper, show it to the client, get an approval on it, and then transfer it to the fabric. Later, these jerseys are stitched and sold online.


Last but not least, each and every step is given importance. Once every piece is checked thoroughly we show its presence for purchase online or through other means (social media, call, email, or through the website itself).