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Branding Services

Screen Printing

Looking to print your T-shirts old school way? Qatar T Shirts is the right place to make your order. We provide screen printing facility to our clients in which the prints are laid over a shirt instead of drenching and becoming a part of the fabric. We apply this method using both vector and raster images. Better preferred for printed hoodies and T-shirts, our screen printing gives your garment a bit more vintage look. This facility offers the clients to print patterns and designs of their choice on the fabric of their choice. Contact us to know more about our screen printing and choose from a wide range of designs.

Heat Transfer

We at Qatar T-shirts hub expertise at the most commonly used printing method, the heat transfer printing. A method in which an image from wax is transferred to the fabric using heat as the transfer medium. The ink ribbon is pressed to the fabric from one side while it is heated from the other side, which melts the ink and transfers it to the fabric. It is a more long-term, durable, heat and water resistant solution. We use this method to print a variety of things on fabric, especially digital photography prints and athletic uniform numbers are best printed using this method.


Other Branding Services

Direct To Garment Printing

DTG printing, that is direct to garment printing is one the best services we provide at our T-shirt manufacturing company – Dubai T-shirt Hub. DTG printing is applied to textiles and garments, especially T-shirts. Works like Inkjet technology, DTG printing prints fine graphics onto shirts and other garments with better accuracy and efficiency. A comparatively more advanced technology than screen printing. It also prints over 16 million colors directly onto the fabric. This makes it a more feasible option for printing photographs. The colors soak into the fabric and become part of it. The DTG printing done by Dubai T-shirts hub has no chance of cracking, peeling off or washing away.


We at Qatar T-shirts hub have plenty of experience at digital printing, which makes us a unique place to print your garments. We provide sublimation printing facility on T-shirts, pillow covers, ladies abaya’s etc. A uniquely arranged digital printer is used for sublimation t shirts printing, which prints the patterns on to a transfer medium. Sublimation just takes a shot at garments made of polyester or a polyester coating. We provide the facility to manufacture high quantity printed garments in less time, using our immense size and economical machines. Qatar T-shirts hub will provide you the best sublimation printing in town at very reasonable rates.

Print and Cut

Print and cut is a very handy facility provided by Qatar T-shirts hub when printing is required on small parts of garments. This method involved applying the desired prints on garments using sticking mediums. Ironing is done on top to provide heat for the ink to stick to the garment’s surface. The method is durable and has a considerable lifespan. Best suited for printing on pockets, sleeves, and the back of a shirt, print and cut is easy to be carried out and much more convenient for customized prints on garments. A huge number of designs can be created at Qatar T-shirts hub to give your garments more fancy and cooler look.